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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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St Andrew's Parish Church c1905

St Andrew's Parish Church, Wimpole (c1910)

Baptisms 1700-1799
Parish Registers
St Andrew's Parish Church

A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.


The date given is the date of baptism, and not the date of birth.
The original spelling of names (as transcribed) has been retained.

(B.T.) indicates the entry as shown in the Bishop's Transcripts 1599-1812 where it differs from the entry in the local church register. For more details, see the original Introduction written by T.P.R. Layng in 1983 on the Parish Registers page.].

Information, notes and comments additional to the Registers are shown within [square brackets]

In England and Wales, up to 1751, the calander New Year began on the 25th March (Lady Day).

Over 1000 surnames that appear in the Parish Registers for Wimpole have been Indexed Alphabetically.

(2004) These listings are based on the Church Registers for the Parish of
Wimpole, as transcribed and collated by T P R Layng in March 1983. Originally
typed by C L and A E Hatton. Additional research and indexing for this website
by Steve Odell.

(2017) I have also compared the Layng website transcript below with the commercially available Cambridgeshire Family History Society version. Any
significant differences have been so identified.

The Parish Registers commenced in 1560

27 August 1560 BROCKE Edmunde, son of John.
Godparents: Edmund Holder, Thomas Jepson and Margaret Holder
16 September 1560 [blank] William, son of Margaret.
Godparents: William Goodsone, John Brocke and Mrs Elizabeth Dickens
26 September 1560 CUTTELL Marye, daughter of Thomas.
Godparents: William Goodsone, Mrs Mary Chicheley and Brock's wife
18 October 1560 THOMAS Ursuley, daughter of John.
Godparents: Richard Robertes, Ursuley Goodson and Elizabeth Cullege
15 November 1560 COOKE Richard, son of William.
Godparents: Richard Andrew, William More and Mother Andrew

Continued at Baptisms 1600-1699

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St Andrew's Parish Church.
A living church for the Parish of Wimpole, located within the National Trust's
Wimpole Estate.
The Church is managed and maintained by the Parochial Church Council

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