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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

The Wimpole Chronicles
Collected by Jeffrey Barham
The Wimpole and Arrington War Memorial*
[Being completely rebuilt - thirteen individual memorials completed]
* Some information available but the pages are incomplete
Wimpole Postcards*
Early postcards courtesy of Brenda and Michael Skinner (2014)*
Some images available but the page is incomplete
Steve's Postcards*
A selection of Wimpole and Arrington postcards and images from my collection.
* Some images available but the page is incomplete

Wimpole School Photographs 1900-1955
Wimpole C of E School*      Wimpole Park School
* Some images available but the page is incomplete
Wimpole Park School
'Memories' by Headmaster Alan Jordan
'An Old Wimpole Childhood' by Irene Bruce
The Old Brewery Building 1908-1918
Cundall (Orwell) Folding Machine Co Ltd.
Cundall's Munitions Works (War Work)
"Wimpole As I Knew It"
by Alexander Campbell Yorke
A reminiscence of a Wimpole boyhood from 1852 to 1871

Index to the Wimpole Parish Registers
Church Records for the Parish of Wimpole
Baptisms:   1560-1599   1600-1699   1700-1799   1800-1863*
Wimpole Parish Registers
* Some information available but the page is incomplete.
Banns 1754-1863
Wimpole Parish Registers
Marriages:  1560-1599   1600-1699   1700-1799   1800-1863
Wimpole Parish Registers
Burials:  1560-1599   1600-1699   1700-1799   1800-1863
Wimpole Parish Registers
The Wimpole Rectors
Wimpole Parish Church
The 'Wimpole Names'
An alphabetical index of over 1000 surnames found in the Parish Registers

Churchyard Register 2004
Index to Known Graves and Monumental Inscriptions
Wimpole Parish Church
The Hardwicke Family Vault
Wimpole Parish Church
The Chicheley Family
Entries from the Wimpole Parish Registers 1576-1698,
Baptisms, Marriage, Burials, Witnesses/Godparents,
and a Speculative Chicheley Family Tree.

Wimpole Census 1901    Census 1891**    Census 1881**
**The information on these two census pages is to be re-set.
The information is complete but the old displays are somewhat untidy.
Older village properties situated on the south side of Cambridge Road can be found
in the three Orwell Censuses here.
Wimpole People
A longer look at Wimpole People and Families
Trade Directories 1851-1933
Wimpole entries from a selection of commercial Trade Directories
published between 1851 and 1933.

The Owners of Wimpole Hall
A quick guide through 550 years of 'Big House' history.
Owners, families and people of interest.
Wimpole Hall Sale 1891
Five photographs from the Auction Prospectus.

The Orwell Chronicles 1770-1899
Collected by Jeffrey Barham
Orwell Census 1901**     Census 1891**     Census 1881**
**The information on these census pages is to be re-set.
The information for each census is complete but the old displays are messy.
Older Wimpole village properties situated on the south side of Cambridge Road
can be found here.
External Link
Orwell Past (and Present) (online)
Village website which includes some items of Wimpole history

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Wimpole in the Domesday Book (online)
'Open Domesday' Resource
External Link
Wympole & Wratsworth (Blog)
"Everything you need to know about the historic countryside at Wimpole"

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Wimpole Park Hospital (.pdf)
The United States Military Hospital at Wimpole Hall during WW2.
School Project. (33 pages)

© George Duncan
External Link
Wimpole: Silent Voices and Deserted Homes (.pdf)
A report on the archaeology and lost landscapes on the Wimpole Estate.
(62 pages)

© Cambridge Archaeology Field Group (2014)
External Link
The Walled Kitchen Garden at Wimpole
by Jeremy Milln with James Edgar.
A Conservation Management Plan for the National Trust (Survey).
A well researched and highly detailed technical history of the Walled Kitchen
Garden on the Wimpole Estate from the 1790s to the present day. Illustrated.
Some genealogy interest with some 200 named garden staff,
estate workers, village tradesmen and local residents.
(103 pages) (Published 2016)

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