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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

Engraving by Johannes Kip 1707 for Lord Radnor
Wimpole Hall (left), the old Wimpole Church and Rectory (right), 1707 engraving.

A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.

Marriages 1560-1599
Church Registers
St Andrew's Parish Church

The date given is the date of marriage.
In England and Wales, up to 1751, the New Year always began on
the 25th March (Lady Day).
The original spelling of names (as transcribed) has been retained.
(B.T.) indicates the entry as shown in the Bishop's Transcripts 1599-1812 where it differs from the entry in the local church register. For more details, see the original Introduction written by T.P.R. Layng in 1983 on the Parish Registers page.]
Information, notes and comments additional to the Wimpole Registers are shown within greyed [square brackets]
Over 1000 surnames that appear in the Parish Registers for Wimpole have been Indexed Alphabetically.
(2004) These listings are based on the Church Registers for the Parish of Wimpole, as transcribed and collated by T P R Layng in March 1983. Originally typed by C L and A E Hatton. Additional research and indexing for this website by Steve Odell.
(2017) I have also compared the Layng transcript below with the commercially available Cambridgeshire Family History Society version. Any significant differences have been so identified.

Wimpole Parish Records begin in September 1560

22 September 1560 HASELIP Robert and Mawde [blank]
27 October 1560 GARNER Richard and Margaret WRICKGULWORTH
13 January 1561 SNAGGE Thomas and Mrs Elsabeth DECONS
14 January 1561 HARRYSON William and Elsabeth WICKES
16 January 1561 SENTON Michell and Joane NICOLSON
26 January 1561 MORE William and Elsabeth ANDREWE
30 January 1561 NETHERWOOD John and Agnes ROBERTES
1 February 1561 LORD Thomas and Margaret FROST
26 October 1561 PLUMMER Thomas and Elizabeth CANSBY
4 November 1561 CHIBNALL Mr Richard and Mrs Alice DYCKONS
27 November 1561 LUCAS Martyne and Margaret CHUCHE
15 January 1561 STOWTON William and Clemence WATERICH
18 January 1561 PRATT Thomas and Joane MAWLDEN
12 April 1562 BENSON John and Luce STOCKINE
19 April 1562 MORE Thomas and Margaret [blank]
13 January 1562 HYNTON Thomas and Frances DYCCONS
3 October 1563 TYTON John and Margaret [blank]
15 October 1564 PORTER Clemond and Mathias [sic] CHAPMAN
12 November 1564 TYTON Robert and Anne KYNGE
19 November 1564 COWYN [?] Richard and Margaret SKEPPE
28 January 1564 MAWLDEN William and Isabell [blank]
2 November 1568 EYNISWORTHE Willyme and Elizabeth [blank]
3 November 1569 SPYCER William and Agnes GRYPER
3 November 1569 THAKE Thomas and Joane BLOKE
23 April 1570 HEYWARD John and Agnes BATEMAN
18 June 1570 ARNSWOOD John and Ekizabeth WENAM
19 November 1570 WILSON William and Joane HUBBERD
26 November 1570 NUMAN Thomas and Agnes UPCHURCHE
1 April 1571 BAWDWYME Jefferye and Joane SCAMPYNE
6 June 1571 THOMAS John and Emme BETON
1 July 1571 CHAPMAN Henry and Ellen JEPSON
11 October 1571 COLE Thomas and Elizabeth BLOME
8 November 1571 EVANS Owen and Elizabeth LILLYE
11 November 1571 TYCHMARSHE Thomas and Margeret MOWSE
2 February 1571 HILL Jeames and Margeret DAWSON
20 July 1572 PRATT John and Ann GRIPER
4 August 1572 WARBEIS MIchaell and Elizabeth KENDERICKE
26 October 1572 TYTON Richard and Anne FLOWER
19 November 1573 GRYPER Thomas and Margeret NEWLEN
22 November 1573 PRATT John and Joane MEAKES
6 February 1573 JACKLYNE John and Emme LONGE
4 August 1574 CULLENGE William and Grace EVING
31 May 1575 HINDE Mr Thomas and Mrs Marye PAKENHM [Pakenham?][Some BMD records say Thomas married 'Marye Parenson']
30 September 1575 HINDE William and Agnes HEIWARDE
16 October 1575 JEPSON Thomas and Alice RYCHMOND
21 November 1576 SEMER Robert and Alice BROCKE
18 February 1576 TITCHMARSHE Thomas and Katheren SEMER
11 July 1577 WILCOCKES John and Kathern CURBEY
11 March 1578 HUBBERD Willian and Loane BUSHE
29 March 1578 MAWLDEN Henry and Alice NETHERWOOD
18 September 1578 MAWLDEN Richard and Joane GODFREY
19 October 1578 LILLY Richard and Mary MAWLDEN
20 October 1578 MABERSLEY Edward and Rosemunt MENE
29 October 1579 METCALFE Robert and Frances MEAKES
3 November 1580 RUTT Richard and Agnes DARBY
1 October 1581 WAKEDEILD John and Agnes BURRE
9 October 1581 RICHMOND Thomas and Ellen CRESNEY
26 November1581 DOWE Thomas and Ellen CUTTELL
6 May 1582 KENDERICKE John and Joane WRIGHTE
19 July 1582 WALKER Robert and Awdre CUTTELL
20 October 1582 HEYFFORD Leonard and Mary STOKES
9 May 1585 GODFREY John and Awdre AYLER
5 June 1585 BANKES John and Ellen CHAPMAN
17 October 1585 GRYNWELL William and Alice MAWLDEN
24 November 1585 COO Thomas and Elizabeth HINDE
15 August 1588 HUBBERD William and Agnes RUTT
27 April 1589 CHAPMAN William and Marye RUTTERFORTHE
19 July 1590 HYNDE William and Alice RUTTERFORTHE
1 August 1591 MAWLDEN John and Mary KYNGE
30 November 1591 CHAPMAN Richard and Alyce MAWLDEN
25 July 1593 GLASCOCKE George and Alice SMITHE
21 October 1593 GODFREY Thomas and Mary MAWLDEN
4? November 1593 MAWLDEN Henry and Margery PRYOR
30 June 1594 SHARPE William and Agnes MAWLDEN
11 July 1594 SEMER Clement and Mary CHAPMAN
12? October 1594 HEIWARD William and Ellen SEMER
14 October 1594 LOWE William and Alce COXE
27 May 1596 OKYNGES William and Agnes RUTTERFORTH
30 September 1596 ABIRAM John and Alice HARRYSON
30 May 1596 PARKER Robert and Ellen ADAM
2 February 1597 WALTER Mr Edward and Anne ADAM

continued in Marriages 1600-1699

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