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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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St Andrew's Parish Church, Wimpole, c1905

St Andrew's Parish Church, Wimpole (c1910)

Marriages 1600-1699
Parish Registers
St Andrew's Parish Church

A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.


The date given is the date of marriage.

(x) means "his/her mark" (ie unable to write or sign).

The original spelling of names (as transcribed) has been retained.

(B.T.) indicates the entry as shown in the Bishop's Transcripts 1599-1812 where it differs from the entry in the local church register. For more details, see the original Introduction written by T.P.R. Layng in 1983 on the Parish Registers page.]

Information, notes and comments additional to the Registers are shown within [square brackets]

Over 1000 surnames that appear in the Parish Registers for Wimpole have been Indexed Alphabetically.

(2004) These listings are based on the Church Registers for the Parish of
Wimpole, as transcribed and collated by T P R Layng in March 1983. Originally
typed by C L and A E Hatton. Additional research and indexing for this website
by Steve Odell.

(2017) I have also compared the Layng website transcript below with the commercially available Cambridgeshire Family History Society version. Any
significant differences have been so identified.

Continued from Marriages 1560-1599

6 September 1600 MORE George and Ellen MICHAELL.
26 October 1600 CHAPMAN George and Anne SEEMER
13 November 1600 TENANT Gabriell and Elizabeth SPICER
16 November 1600 BRANND Roger and Margery MALDEN
1 February 1600 STOKES John and Marian BENTLEY
26 April 1601 SEEMER Robert and Elizabeth ELLIS
15 November 1601 STANTON Thomas and Denis [Denise?] TITMUS
8 August 1602 COOKE Lettice and Michaell [Michelle?] RANARD (B.T. RAINER)
29 June 1603 AUSTEN Thomas and Ellen DOWE
7 July 1603 RUTTERFORTH Clement and Jane EVERSDEN
10 July 1603 BANES Robert and Ellen RUTTERFORTH
25 July 1603 GULLAVER Thomas & Elizabeth STANTON
25 September 1603 STEWARD William and Susan PEMBERTON 
13 October 1603 DAY John and Anne HOLDER
17 February 1603 TYTON Thomas and Goddy STOOKES
1 May 1604 CHICHELY John and Agnes TYTON
27 October 1604 MEDCALFE Robert and Winifred WAIMAN
3 February 1604 REINARD (B.T. RAINER) Robert and Elizabeth MICHELL
22 September 1605 DUNHAM George and Margaret DAYE
11 May 1606 CHAPMAN Henry and Mary CROPWELL
22 May 1607 SPICER Richard and Jane PETETT (B.T. PIGOT]
9 October 1607 STOKES George and Isbell SEAMER
23 October 1607 GRIGGES William and Isbell CHAPMAN
7 April 1608 HEWES Thomas and Joane HOLDER
21 October 1608 RUTTERFORTH William and Alice TYTON
9 November 1608 MOORE William and Agnes GODFREY
29 January 1609 BASELY Thomas and Agnes HYNDE
1 February 1609 WITTON William and Margarett HOLDER
26 June 1610 JOHNSON Martin and Susan WHITEHEAD
13 October 1611 RUT Robert and Ursuly STOOKES
14 October 1611 EWORTH Robert and Mary NORMAN
7 May 1612 EVERSDEN Jeames and Isbell RUTER [B.T. Rutterforth]
12 May 1612 GRIPER William and Abigall NEALLE
29 April 1613 CHAPMAN Henry and Mary EYWORTH by licence.
30 November 1613 WARREN Edward and Jone MUSTELL
30 July 1615 RYCE George and Agnes HUBBERD
20 September 1615 HUBBERD William and Agnes LIRE ?
[B.T. 7 Oct 1615... HUBBARD ...William and Mary PHILLIP]
9 May 1616 BECKET Samuell and Ellen MALDEN
7 July 1616 MALDEN Mathewe and Margarett SCOTT
20 October 1616 PRATT John and Agnes SMITHE
30 November 1616 THURLYE John and Alice HYNDE
14 January 1616 JEPSON Thomas and Martha NETHERWOOD
9 December 1617 WITTON William and Anne WALTER
11 December 1617 SEAMER Clement and Alice THURLY
18 October 1618 BERNARD John and Sicyly LILLY
28 October 1618 SABEE Thomas and Ellen MARLIN
10 November 1618 STASYE Thomas and Elizabeth HOLDER
20 January 1618 GODFREY Clement and Mathewe JEPSON
7 June 1619 WILSON Rychard and Katherine HUBBARD
18 May 1620 LYLY Richard and Jhona HAMMINGFORTH (B.T. HEMMINGFORTH)
15 October 1620 SLIPPER Moysas and Julyan BRAND
24 October 1620 SEMER Robert and Agnes SCEPP
9 November 1620 NETHERWOOD Thomas and Mary SEMER
30 November 1620 CURTYS Robart and Mary DANE
[B.T. 19 October] 1621 SLINIT Thomas and Elizabeth HIND
[B.T. 8 January] 1621 SEMER Jhon and Marget ALOR
[B.T. 9 October 1622... MENTLE ...William and Grace MALLDEN]
8 November 1622 WARRIN Edw: and Mary RAWLY [B.T. RAYLEY]
24 April 1623 MARVELL Edward and Jane CROSSE
3 February 1623 NIGHTINGALE Steven and Beatrice BERNARD by licence
26 November 1625 MAULDEN John and Joane SKINNER
27 June 1628 THEAKES (alias) FEAKES John and Joan RAINER
20 July 1629 KEELER Edward and Margarette ATKINS
31 January 1632 MOORE John and Rhodah CHAPMAN
31 January 1632 CUNSTABLE William and Marie EUWORTH [B.T. Eyworth]
15 January 1634 BALL Philip and Jane AILER
26 October 1635 TITINNE (B.T. TYTIN) George and Ann COOT
17 November 1636 HAYWARD William and Flower WEYMAN
26 June 1636 COX Robert and Julian [Julianne?] SLIPPER
29 June 1637 CROPWELL William and Martha CHAPMAN
31 January 1638 STOCKES William and Mary GRIPER
30 September 1639 WHODNAM Thomas and Mable WEYMAN
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Continued at Marriages 1700-1799

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St Andrew's Parish Church.
A living church for the Parish of Wimpole, located within the National Trust's
Wimpole Estate.
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