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Orwell Marriages 1653-1837

The Orwell Marriages 1653-1837 were transcribed by the REV. R.W. WHISTON, M.A., F.R.MET.SOC., (Rector Of Orwell from 1895 to 1917) and printed for private circulation at the Cambridge University Press in 1927.

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Rector Of Orwell from 1895 to 1917


The Marriage Register of the Parish of Orwell


The earliest Register-book of the parish of Orwell, Cambs. covers the period 1560—1653 and has already been transcribed in full and printed. There are four other books in which the Marriage Entries of this Transcript are registered. The first of these four dates from 1653 to 1805 and contains Baptisms and Burials as well as Marriages; the second is Lord Hardwicke’s Marriage Register-book, beginning with 1754 and ending with 1812; the third runs from 1805 to 1812, and the fourth from 1813 to 1837 is the Register-book for Marriages prescribed by the Act of 1812. There are, accordingly, duplicate sets from 1754 to 1812; but I have copied the entries from 1754 and onward, as they are found in the books prescribed by the Acts of 1754 and 1812, and I have preferred the spelling which appears in the signatures of the married couples themselves or alongside the marks made by them to the spelling appearing in the headings of the entries, except in one or two cases where the spelling of a name is reasonably to be regarded as merely a clerical error due either to difficulty of writing on the part of the bride or bridegroom or to inadvertence on the part of the writer who inserted the name when a mark was used in place of the personal signature.

The first and the third of the four Register-books are of parchment. The first is 13.5 inches long by 6 inches wide; it is in very fair condition and is stoutly bound in rough calf which is now of a dark brown colour. The later of these two - the book used from 1805 to 1812 (when separate Registers of Baptisms and of Burials as well as of Marriages were prescribed by Act of Parliament) - measures 14.25 inches by 7 inches and is bound in sprinkled calf. The handwriting in all the books of the period can be quite easily deciphered and is, in places, very good - even beautiful. The names of the clergy subscribing the entries are not, as a rule, given in the parchment Registers; but there are exceptions in the year 1682, when John Martin signs as Vicar and in 1751 and 1754, when Thos. Wray signs as Curate, and in 1767, when Chas. Mason’s signature, who was Rector, appears. There are indications that some of the entries, particularly in the latter part of the period, were made by the Parish Clerk, whose spelling of names would not seem to betray too slavish a regard for the claims of uniformity.

The many cases of marriages celebrated in Trinity College and in Christ’s College Chapels in Cambridge in the first half of the eighteenth century are interesting and serve as illustrations of the purposes which Lord Hardwicke’s Act was designed to meet. The Marriages in Christ’s College Chapel may perhaps be explained by the fact that two Fellows of Christ’s College, Thomas Chapman and Thomas Wray, were Ministers or Curates of Orwell between the years 1744 and 1755. Trinity College was, of course, patron of the living at the time and the three Rectors between 1700 and 1748 were Thomas Bainbridge, Wolfran Stubbe, Vice-Masters of the College, and John Colbatch, the principal opponent of the redoubtable Dr Bentley in his disputes with the College.

The most remarkable feature of the Marriage Register for the period is the relative scarcity of the entries for the last half of the seventeenth century - particularly from 1659 - compared with the increasing numbers from 1701 onwards. There is no very evident cause for the marked discrepancy. The Baptismal and the Burial entries do not seem to have varied at any time in a similar degree, and the population did not probably change a very great deal. Cole states in his MSS. that in 1676 it was "181 with 58 dissenters about 6o families" which I take to mean 181 with 58 added to it, making a total of, roughly, some 250 persons. Some increase, it is likely, occurred in the next century, for the conditions of the agricultural labourer had considerably improved by the middle of that century; yet there is no reason for supposing that there was any very considerable increase of population in Orwell. Perhaps one cause for the fewer marriage entries at the beginning of the period is indicated in the somewhat quaintly expressed note from the Ely Transcript which I have copied at the head of the Appendix on page 23, where, under the heading of the year 1669, it is stated: "We know not whether we have had any, some we have who pretend they are married by lawlesse ministers at Lawless Churches as they call them." Clearly, the ecclesiastical authorities at Orwell knew of marriages that were celebrated elsewhere than in the recognised churches. The "lawlesse ministers" were very probably some of the ministers ejected from their livings on St Bartholomew’s Day (August 24) 1662 and the "Lawless Churches" the buildings in which there assembled congregations termed "Conventicles" by the Act of 1664, which forbade all forms of service other than those of the Church of England. This explanation, however, does not satisfactorily account for the most marked gap of all - from the year 1684 to 1690 - almost coinciding with the term of James II’s reign - and I have no suggestion to make about it, unless it was due to the general uneasiness and misgiving that were spreading over the country more and more widely as that reign was running its course.

Transcripts of the Registers of each parish were required by the Diocesan authorities to be made out annually and sent to Ely. They were sent from Orwell from the year 1599 up to 1812, with the exceptions of the years 1601, 1643 to 1649 inclusive and the years noticed in the Appendix on page 23 and the year 1792. In 1812 these transcripts were made compulsory by the Marriage Act of that year. As far as the year 1754 I have consulted these returns made to Ely and checked the entries at Orwell by them. But from that year onwards I have regarded the Register-books prescribed by the Acts of 1754 and 1812 as final authorities.

This Transcript is "verbatim et literatim" for all names personal and local, but not generally for other matters. Names of places within square brackets are additions of my own. The "condition" of the married parties (whether single or widowed) has been copied in every instance where it is noted in the Register up to 1754; such records are very few. From 1754 I have only copied down the notices of widowhood. But it should be observed that in three-quarters of the entries from that date no record at all is made in the Registers of this particular.

I must not leave unacknowledged the courtesy of the present Rector, the Rev. F. G. E. Betenson, in allowing me full liberty of access to the Registers. It is more than ten years since I made the Transcript—whilst I was still Rector of Orwell. It is, however, but quite recently that I have at length seen my way to putting it into print. And after the long interval I have had occasion to refresh my memory from time to time on several points relating to the Registers, and Mr Betenson has always shown the greatest readiness in putting every facility in his power at my disposal. My thanks are likewise due to the Education Committee of the County Council and particularly to the Librarian, Miss Brooks, for having very kindly typed my manuscript for me without charge before being put into print.

The Abbreviations which I have used are those that are adopted by Messrs Phillimore & Co. in their own series of Transcripts. A list is appended:

   b.  stands for bachelor.
   s.  for spinster.
   w.  for widower or widow.
   p.  for of parish of.
   Co.  for county of.
   lic.  for licence.

Where reference is made in a footnote to the Ely Transcript, it applies to the words and figures that are within the curved brackets. The notes on pages 12 and 19 "Mode of Marriage not stated" means that in the three entries to which the words allude no mention is made of either banns or licence. All other marriages from 1754 may be taken to have been after banns, unless it is expressly stated that in any particular case it was by licence. Before that date no mention is made of banns in the Registers; but presumably all the marriages of that earlier period were after banns excepting those to which the abbreviation (lic.) is added.

Great Shelford, Cambridge,
June 11, 1927

[Editors Note: When preparing the information for this web page, I have standardised the format of entries, using 'and' instead of '&' and '15' instead of '15th', and written most abbreviations out in full. However, I have retained all given information and the original spellings.]

malton church.gif (2622 bytes) "Malton Church, as it was in the year 1747. From a sketch (drawn by John Layer) in Coles's MSS in the British Museum."
(frontspiece to the published Marriage Register 1927)
[Editor's Note: The small hamlet of Malton had its own church (dedicated to St Nicholas) by 1216. It is thought the Black Death decimated the village in 1349 and by 1428 only three residents remained. The church building was partly demolished in 1510 except for the chancel which then variously served as a thatched cowshed, chapel and barn. The structure was said to be a ruin by 1792. The area is now part of the Parish of Orwell.]


Page 1 (1653-1675)

The Orwell (Cambs.) Parish Register



(Here begins a new book)

Francis Badcock of Orwell and Margaret Cakebread of Orwell, (at Whaddon?) on  December 20, 1653.

William Fairechild and Ann Rowning, on January 30, 1654.

Thomas Jeap and Elizabeth Newljn, on August 6, 1655.

Willjam Mentall, parish of Wimple, and Jane Curtis, on October 15, 1655.

Edward Trot and Ann Bicker, on August 3, 1656.

Robert Grant and Alice Robinson, on February 26, 1656.

Jeremy Rummet and Jane Handly, on April 6, 1657.

Willjam Seagrave and Frances Grigges, on April 13, 1658.

James Hardy and Mary Inglefield, on September 21, 1658.

Thomas Scott and Mary Fajerchild, on March 17, 1658.

Joseph Byrd and Anne Dawson, on May 5, 1659.

Willjam Barton and Frances Goodwin, widow, on September 27, 1659.

Willjam Knolewater and Mary Gilbert, widow, on January 18, 1659.

Richard Johnson and Grace Smith, on March 12, 1659

(Another handwriting appears to begin here)

Richard Foxe and Elizabeth Greene, on September 26, 1662

Symon Greene and Rebecca Slinnet, on October 4, 1662.

Richard Anderson and Anne Angier, on October 14, 1662.

William Fairechilde and Elizabeth Slathur, on May 13, 1666.

William Rowning and Hannah Bridge, on October 11, 1666.

William Newlin and Marceline Cnowlewater, on October 15, 1667.

Thomas Lavender and Elizabeth Holder, parish of Barrington, on May 18, 1668.

Nicholas Turtle and Alice Kettle, both parish of Milton in Cambridgeshire, on April 3, 1670.

William Burrell of Queenes Colledge in Cambridge, Clericus and Honora Wootton of Malton, on September 18, 1673.

John Wing and Sarah Newman, on February 22, 1673.

William James, parish of Meldreth, and Elizabeth Day of Orwell, on April 13, 1675.


Page 2 (1677-1696)


Robert Pearse and Mary Cooper, on May 24, 1677.

Edward Ward and Anne Lechfeild, both of Malton, on October 10, 1678.

John Greene, parish of Little Wilberham, & Mary Wiggs of Malton, on October 19, 1678.

John Cundy of Orwell and Barbara Greene, parish of Wimple, on December 1, 1678.

William Day and Mary Whittur, on November 9, 1679.

Thomas Day and Margaret Wayman, on October 14, 1680.

Edward Kettle and Emmeree (Emma)* Staplo, on April 12, 1681.

William Baron, servant at Malton, and Mary Byrd, on September 14, 1682.

Robert Adams and Elizabeth Worboyce, on October 16, 1682.

Thomas Gibson and Lydia Easterwick, on October 17, 1682.

Robert Caldecott and Elizabeth Newman, on October 30, 1682.

Thomas Collis and Margarett Hanchett, parish of Trumpington, on March 28, 1683.

Thomas Battie, & Jane Piggott, both parish of Hasleingfeild, on June 23, 1684.

John Bankes and Anne Bridges, on October 13, 1684.

(A cross is marked against this entry, to the left of the word ‘John.’)

Edward Caldecott and Joane Dowsin, on November 7, 1684.

William King and Elizabeth Barons, both parish of Cumberton, on June 30, 1690.

Thomas Gibson and Mary Bates, on September 6, 1691.

Thomas Parke and Mary Kendall, both of Cambridge, on December 29, 1691.

John Beale and Anne Howard, on October 9, 1692.

(New handwriting begins here)

Anthony Godsonne and Sarah Winge, on November 21, 1694.

Andrew Smith and Martha Stasmore, on November 21, 1694.

Richard Harrup and Elizabeth Winge, on January 27, 1694.

George Scorroo and Alice Bearde, on March 25, 1694.

(March 25, 1695, i.e. New Year’s Day, is most probably meant, but the marriage is entered under the year 1694, as the last of the year.)

Richard Fox and Ealing (Eleanor)* Cockes, on April 25, 1696.

Thomas Ealis and Elizabeth Greene, on April 27, 1696.


* From Ely Transcript.


Page 3 (1696-1705)


William Hall and Anne Aingere, on January 24, 1696.

(The name ‘Aingere’ is corrected once or more in the original, but this seems to be the final spelling.)

Richard Jeape and Susan Lambard on February 1, 1696.

James Swann and Elizabeth Staismor, on July 9, 1697.

(The parchment has been rubbed over where this entry is made, as though there had been a previous entry. The same marks are to be found on this page of the parchment at the part where the first entry for 1699 is found, and also in a blank piece between the years 1700 and 1701. No marriage is recorded under the heading of the year 1700.)

Edward Grigges and Elizabeth Lunis, on September 26, 1697.

(The above entry is from the Ely Transcript, and does not appear in the Orwell Register.)

Richard Whetbee and Mary Worboys, on January 27, 1697.

(Another handwriting appears in the next entry, and a similar to it in the fourth entry under the year 1701, continuing with one or two exceptions for some time onwards.)

John Chandler, parish of Wimple, and Ellen Fox of Orwell, widow, on November 7, 1698

John Beament (Beaumont)* and Elizabeth Bonis (both of Orwell)*, on November 2, 1699.

Edward Bettes p. Boxworth, bachelor, and Grace Willson of Orwell, spinster, on November 9, 1699.

Charles Aline (Allen)* and Martha Wayman, on May 16, 1701.

Thomas Jeape and Frances Munes, on October 20, 1701.

(Married at Trinete Colege in Cambridg, in the Chapel.)

Thomas Nichols and Margarate Whetbe, on October 25, 1701 (October 21, 1701*).

Thomas Chapman, parish of Ashwell, County of Hertfordshire, & Jane Grey of Orwell, on November 27, 1701.

(This again in Trinity College Chappel)

John Savein, parish of Lowlow [is this Lolworth, in Cambridgeshire?], and Lydia Grey of Orwell, on May 21, 1702.

(Also in Trinity College Chappel.)

Philip Baarnes and Elizabeth Chapman, on March 28, 1703.

Joseph Tomson and Elizabeth Bailye, both of Orwell, on October 2 1705.

(Also in Trinity College Chappel)


* From Ely Transcript


Page 4 (1705-1722)


Robt Norman, widower, and Rose Cooper, widow, (both of Orwell*), on October 9, I705.

Clement Norman, parish of Fulmere, and Rose Ripshaw of Orwell, on October 11, 1705.

(Both of these in Trinity College Chappell, Cambridge)

Thomas Fordham and Anne Bonnet, on March 24, 1705.

Henry Collis and Sarah Cole, both of Orwell, on February 2, 1706.

William Sims of Orwell and Anne Stoaks of Orwell, on May 6, 1707.

(This marriage at St Michael’s Church, Cambridge)

Robert Adams and Mary Merry, both of Orwell, on August 1, 1708.

John Corke, parish of Foxton, and Elisabeth Godfry of Orwell, on May 10, 1709.

(ln Trinity College Chappel, Cambridge)

Thomas Conder of Orwell, and Elisabeth Jeap of Orwell, on August 7, 1709.

Robert Day of Orwell, and Jane Gouler of Orwell, on October 1, 1710.

John Wright and Mary (—)**, parish of Bassenbourn, on November 10, 1711.

Abraham Titmas and Elizabeth Cartwright, on September 30, 1712.

(The ‘ht’ in ‘Cartwright’ is a conjecture of my own: the letter ‘g’ runs up to the edge of the page.)

John Searle and Elizabeth Adams, on June 29, 1714.

John Munsy and Rebecca Webster, both parish of Malton, on September 30, 1714.

William Hart and Elizabeth Merrington, on October 1, 1715.

Edward Jackson and Anne Andrews, on March 21, 1716.

Joseph Curtis, alias Curchen, and Mary Jeap, on October 28, 1717.

Thomas Day and Elizabeth Cole, on November 5, 1718.

John Warren and Elizabeth Teazer, on July 30, 1719.

James Day and Jane Pigot, on April 24, 1720.

Thomas Casbill and Mary Jeap, on October 2, 1720.

William Hunt and Mary Teazer, on November 8, 1720.

Thomas Waters and Sarah Barnet, on December 12, 1720.

Simeon Beaumont, parish of Shengay, and Grace Cook, widow, on January 2, 1720.

James Shelly and Martha Desborough, on June 13, 1721.

John Laurence and Ann Adams, on June 24, 1722.

(In Trinity College Chapple)


* From Ely Transcript.
** Surname omitted in Register.


Page 5 (1722-1736)


John Titmarsh and Elizabeth Godson, on September 30, 1722.

Thomas Adams and Mary Day, on October 15, 1722.

John Handscomb and Ann Unwin, on November 19, 1722.

Richard Barton and Anne Newlin, on December 19, 1722.

Daniel Nethercoat and Elizabeth Day, on February 16, 1722.

William Adam and Sarah Newlin, on July 16, 1724.

John Danger and Mary Fordham, widow, September 30, 1724.

John Bacon and Mary Sadler, on November 21, 1724.

(In Trinity College Chapel)

Samuel Orger, parish of Bishops Stofford, and Anne Godfrey of Orwell, on April 11, 1726.

George Farrer and Sarah Swan, on October 3, 1726.

Allen Whitby and Ann Smith, on February 17, 1728-9.

Isaack Parrish and Mary Webb, on February 17, 1728-9.

(The handwriting about this time seems to differ a good deal)

Thomas Farrow and Elizabeth Griggs, (lic.)* on May 17, 1729.

Samuel Gentle and Elizabeth Papper, on October 24, 1729.

William Nicholls and Ann King, on November 2, 1729.

Joseph Eversden and Ann Wenham, on December 9, 1729.

John Matthews and Elizabeth Sell, on September 30, 1730.

John Adcock and Ann Ivory, on May 9, 1731.

John James and Margaret Hunt, (lic.)* on May 27, 1731.

John Barefoot and Elizabeth Day, on October 5, 1731.

Richard Jeape and Rebecca Casbell, on October 22, 1732.

John Norman and Mary Day, on October 22, 1732.

Pomphry Jarman and Elizabeth Wing, on April 29, 1733.

William Langley and Sarah Jepps, (lic.)** on November 10, 1733.

George Farrow and Sarah Piggot, on November 15, 1733.

Nathaniel Cambridge and Sarah Smith, on October 4, 1734.

Thomas Fordham and Mary Pepper, on October 8, 1734.

William Rickett and Mary Merry, on November 10, 1734***

Thomas Simson and Elizabeth Smith, on February 2, 1735-6.

Samuel Balduck and Mary Godfrey, on April 8, 1736.

Owen Cambridge and Elizabeth Smith, October 4, 1736.


* From Ely Transcript.
** From Ely Transcript: it also gives ‘Jeap’ instead of ‘Jepps.’
*** Ely Transcript gives 1735 as the year; it is probably correct.


Page 6 (1736-1745)


John Prime and Mary Smith, on February 22, 1736.

Reuben Conder and Sarah Pope, on April 11, 1737.

John Patman and Elizabeth Lunnis, on October 1, 1737.

William Bird and Elizabeth Matthews, on February 9, 1737.

William Hardin and Martha Merrington, on April 6, 1738.

Edward Binge and Elizabeth Barefoot, on April 23, 1738.

John Barnet and Ann Collis, on November 26, 1738.

William Baron and Eliz. Conder, on November 27, 1738.

(The handwriting becomes better and more uniform)

Joseph Webb and Elizabeth Farrow, on January 13, 1739.

William Searl and Sarah** Jeaps, November 4, 1740.

John Swann and Sarah Adams, on January 25, 1740

John Simpson and Susanna Barton, (lic.)* on February 5, 1740.

John Farrow and Elizabeth Adams, on February 8, 1740.

Lovet Merry*** and Elizabeth Warren, on June 24, 1741.

John Day and Mercy Matthews, December 7, 1741.

James Pink and Sarah Wallis, (lic.)* on February 18, 1741.

James Disborow and Sarah Prime, on March 2, 1741.

Robert Barnard and Sarah Day, on June 29, 1742.

John Pearson and Elizabeth Phipps, June 29, 1743.

William Hitch and Mary Langham, (lic.)* on September 15, 1743.

John Barney and Elizabeth Wenham, November 6, 1743.

Thomas Barton and Diana Stonebridge, (lic.) on July 23, 1744.

(At Christ’s College Chapel)

Robert Fordham and Ann Miller, (lic.) on September 15, 1744.

(Also at Christ’s College Chapel)

Thomas Wenham and Elizabeth Swan, on September 17, 1744.

Robert Day and Frances Finch, on October 7, 1744.

John Pearson and Ann Swann, on December 9, 1744.

John Matthews and Sarah Farrow, on April 16, 1745.

John Flindon and Mary Matthews, on April 16, 1745.

William Matthews and Mary Smith, on May 5, 1745.

William Fielding and Elizabeth Jeape, on May 23, 1945

Nathaniel Sipsap and Sarah Collis, on July 13, 1745.


* From Ely Transcript.
** Given as Eliz. in the Ely Transcript.
***  see Appendix for Merry’s Marriage.


Page 7 (1745-1753)


Joseph Papper and Sarah Barnard, on November 12, 1745.

Francis Whiston and Mary Swann, on March 30, 1746.

John Day and Mary Castle (Casbell,* probably correct), on May 20, 1746.

Stephen Turner and Mary Hitch, (lic.)* on September 6, 1746.

James Matthews and Mary Phipps, (lic.) on December 1, 1746.

(In Christ’s College Chapple, Cambridge)

William Wynn and Ann Adams, (lic.)* on January 6, 1746.

John Woods and Mary Holden, on March 8, 1746.

(Something rubbed out here)

(New handwriting begins)

Robert Day and Elizabeth Prime, April 27, 1747.

Willm Bernard and Mary Coxal, November 1, 1747.

Matthew Kefford and Elizabeth Searl, December 25, 1747.

Richard Barton, schoolmaster of Orwell, and Sarah Shelford, (lic.) on September 14, 1749.

(In Christ’s College Chapel)

John Barlow and Mary Barnard, (lic.) on December 5, 1749.

(Also in Christ’s College Chapel)

Henry Collis and Mary Barnard, on February 25, 1749.

Samuel Hall and Mary Whitby, (lic.) on March 14, 1749.

(In Christ’s College Chapel)

William Walls and Elizabeth Fairchild, on June 25, 1750.

(In Christ’s College Chapel)

Kitson Kidman and Elizabeth Merry, on August 5, 1750.

Robert Day and Martha Day, on January 29, 1750

James Hamilton and Sarah Godfrey, (lic.) on July 26, 1751.

(In Christ’s College Chapel)

Edward Newman and Elizabeth Mayne, on October 28, 1751.

William Barlow and Sarah Swan, on November 11, 1751.

John Barron and Mary Danger, on November 25, 1751.

Richard Millar and Alice Farrow, on December 8, 1751.

Richard Hopkins and Mary Searl, on July 26, 1752.

John Marshal and Mary Adams, on October 16, 1752.

John Matthews and Mary Swan, on January 16, 1753.


* From Ely Transcript.


Page 8 (1753-1758)


William Gifford and Sarah Wallis, on July 30, 1753.

John Leet and Elizabeth Simpson, on February 2, 1754.

Richard Wing and Lydde Besther, on February 25, 1754.

John Rooke, & Lucy Adcock, on March 24, 1754.

(The last eleven entries appear in two different places in the Register; the original among the burials and upside down.)

(At this place the following statement is to be found)

‘The following marriages are transcribed from the Register whih is apointed by Ac of Palrlt.’

(From the Printed Register)

Granado Dixsey, alias Dixon, parish of Royston, county of Cambridgeshire, & Sarah Danger of Orwell, on September 15, 1754.

John Foreman of Orwell and Elisabeth Lawrance of Orwell, on November 17, 1754.

William Rogers of Orwell and Ann Whitby of Orwell, on October 19, 1755.

John Prime of Orwell, widower, and Eleanor Clarke of Orwell, on November 30, 1755.

William Collis of Orwell and Mary Sell of Orwell, on January 12, 1756.

John Day of Orwell, widower, and Elizabeth Pearson of Orwell, widow, on January 19, 1756.

John Phipps of Orwell and Mary Willymot of Orwell, on June 24, 1756.

Thomas Badcock of Orwell and Martha Casbell of Orwell, on November 16, 1756.

Simeon Leete of Orwell, widower, and Hannah Course of Orwell, on July 24, 1756.

(Date should be 1757; this year is given in the Transcript)

John Bell, parish of Great Eversden, and Ann Bakon of Orwell, on November 23, 1757.

William Sell of Orwell, widower, and Sarah Collis of Orwell, widow, on April 23, 1758.

Thomas Jackling, parish of Waddon, and Mary Squires of Orwell, on September 17, 1758.

Robert Moul of Orwell and Jane Kefford of Orwell, on October 10, 1758.


Page 9 (1759-1764)


Robert Taylor of Orwell, and Susan Worboys of Orwell, June 24, 1759.

Richard Barnard of Orwell, and Elizabeth Barnes of Orwell, October 7, 1759.

Joseph Charles, parish of Haslingfield, and Mary Mustill of Orwell, (lic.) October 11, 1759.

Thomas Ingram, parish of Arrington, and Sarah Barnard of Orwell, November 14, 1759.

Valentine Day of Orwell, and Mary Day of Orwell, February 24, 1760.

Edward Webb of Orwell, and Elizabeth Wallis of Orwell, October 12, 1760.

Richard Barnard of Orwell, and Sarah Sell of Orwell, October 27, 1760.

Samuel Coe of Orwell, and Susan Jeape of Orwell, November 2, 1760.

Thomas Fordham of Orwell, and Mary Farrow of Orwell, April 26, 1761.

Edward Pearce, parish of Haslingfield, and Mary Hall of Orwell, January 17, 1762.

William Sell of Orwell, and Ann Ward of Orwell, May 30, 1762.

The Rev. Charles Mason, D.D., Rector of Orwell, and Elizabeth Graham of Orwell, (lic.) November 5, 1762.

David Brown of Orwell, and Mary Mulberry of Orwell, December 5, 1762.

Henry Peper, parish of Meldreth, and Mary Skinner of Orwell, January 16, 1763.

James Day of Orwell, and Martha Day of Orwell, June 16, 1763.

John Fordham of Orwell, and Lydia Farrow of Orwell, October 24, 1763.

Richard Papworth, parish of Caldecote, and Susanna Moul of Orwell, December 21, 1763.

William Prime of Orwell, and Elizabeth Kidman of Orwell, February 20, 1764.

Adam Young of Orwell, and Lydia Hawks of Orwell, June 29, 1764.

John Morris of Orwell, and Sarah Dockeray of Orwell, October 13, 1764.


Page 10 (1764-1771)


William Swan of Orwell, and Mary Simpson of Orwell, November 13, 1764.

John Markall of Orwell, and Elizabeth Arbon of Orwell, December 31, 1764.

John Peter, parish of Gamlingay, county of Cambridgeshire, and Mary Leet of Orwell, October 16, 1765.

James Matthews of Orwell, and Mary Fordham of Orwell, February 27, 1766.

Jonas Wallman of Orwell, and Martha Mathews of Orwell, March 6, 1766.

John Barnes of Orwell, and Elizabeth Pearson of Orwell, October 25, 1766.

John Cowell of Orwell, and Sarah Pearson of Orwell, January 1, 1767.

John Merry of Orwell, and Elizabeth German of Orwell, January 19, 1767.

John Steeds of Orwell, and Mary Clarke of Orwell, July 6, 1767.

John Stacy of Orwell, and Mary Swan of Orwell, October 19, 1767.

Thomas Prime of Orwell, and Sarah Morsden of Orwell, October 27, 1767.

John Swan of Orwell, and Elizabeth Jeaps of Orwell, December 14, 1767.

James Matthews of Orwell, and Ann German of Orwell, May 22, 1768.

William Rowling of Orwell, and Sarah Prime of Orwell, May 7, 1769.

Wm Rayment, parish of Bottisham, county of Cambridgeshire, and Mary Whitby of Orwell, May 21, 1769.

Benjamin Waters of Orwell, and Mary Jeape of Orwell, October 11, 1769.

John Hicks, parish of Wimple, and Sarah Kefford of Orwell, January 28, 1770.

Joseph Hills of Orwell, and Lydia Day of Orwell, February 28, 1770.

Richard Barnard of Orwell, and Katharine Walker of Orwell, January 27, 1771.

Samuel Hall, parish of Bassingbourne, and Susannah Livermore of Orwell, (lic.) December 17, 1771.


Page 11 (1771-1777)


Jno Ostler, parish of Whaddon, and Mary Swan of Orwell, widow, December 26, 1771.

John Malden of Orwell, and Mary Fisher of Orwell, January 27, 1772.

John Netherwood of Orwell, and Edith Day of Orwell, February 4, 1772.

Joshua Day of Orwell, and Mary Norman of Orwell, April 13, 1772.

John North of Orwell, and Elizabeth Millar of Orwell, September 7, 1772.

John Philips of Orwell, and Elizabeth Munsey of Orwell, December 14, 1772.

John Young, parish of Great Shelford, and Jane Prime of Orwell, April 19, 1773.

John Whisson, parish of Wimple, and Susan Tall of Orwell, July 25, 1773.

George Clark, parish of Wimple, and Mary Cuff of Orwell, widow, October 12, 1773.

Thomas Hart, parish of Comberton, and Elizabeth Bernard of Orwell, November 30, 1773.

Thomas Dickinson, parish of Bassingbourn, and Sarah Baron of Orwell, June 6, 1774.

John Day of Orwell, and Jane Day of Orwell, June 29, 1774.

James Swann of Orwell, and Ann Wing of Orwell, October 31, 1774.

Richard Merry of Orwell, and Ann Bernard of Orwell, September 25, 1775.

Merry Kidman of Orwell, and Mabell Ricaut of Orwell, November 12, 1776.

James Carter of Orwell, and Sarah Sadler of Orwell, January 13, 1777.

John Kidman of Orwell, and Mary Walls of Orwell, January 23, 1777.

James Leete of Orwell, and Leticia Lunnis of Orwell, June 19, 1777.

William Nichols of Orwell, and Ruth Kingsley of Orwell, widow, July 28, 1777.

John Leet of Orwell, and Ailes [i.e. Alice] Smith of Orwell, October 15, 1777.

Peter Grain, parish of Trumpington, and Mary Nash of Orwell, (lic.) December 18, 1777.


Page 12 (1778-1785)


Kitson Kidman of Orwell, and Lydia Walls of Orwell, February 12, 1778.

Farrow Millar of Orwell, and Sarah Walls of Orwell, November 30, 1778.

James Kidman of Orwell, and Jane Pate of Orwell, January 13, 1779.

Benjamin Dunham, parish of Barrington, and Elizabeth Swan of Orwell, August 23, 1779.

[Mode of marriage not stated.]

Henry Collis of Orwell, and Elizabeth Matthews of Orwell, November 1, 1779.

John Rook of Orwell, and Ann Walker, now Rook, of Orwell, December 9, 1779.

Prime Scott of Orwell, and Sarah Day of Orwell, February 3, 1780.

James Fordham of Orwell, and Ann Day of Orwell, October 11, 1780.

Robert Holben, parish of Eyworth, county of Bedfordshire, and Ann Faben of Orwell, (lic.) November 23, 1780.

Daniel Holder, parish of Sutton, county of Bedfordshire, & Ellen Veal, parish of Hadstock, county of Essex, June 11, 1781.

John Gee, parish of Croydon [no doubt Croydon, Cambridgeshire], and Mary Allgood of Orwell, October 17, 1781.

John Pateman of Orwell, and Lydia Jeape of Orwell, October 22, 1781.

John Wing of Orwell, and Ann Cock of Orwell, October 21, 1782.

William Tufft of Orwell, and Sarah Badcock of Orwell, May 27, 1783.

John Stanford, parish of Barrington, and Lydia Fordham of Orwell, November 27, 1783.

John Jeape of Orwell, and Lydia Young of Orwell, (lic.) August 5, 1784.

James Sell of Orwell, widower, and Frances Adams of Orwell, October 13, 1784.

William Hornsey of Orwell, and Elizabeth Bird of Orwell, November 7, 1785.

John Kingsley of Orwell, and Elizabeth Kidman of Orwell, November 27, 1785.


Page 13 (1786-1797)


George Collis of Orwell, and Elizabeth Leete of Orwell, April 13, 1786.

Aleph Palmer of Orwell, and Mary Adams of Orwell, May 9, 1786.

Pettengell Merry, parish of Arrington, and Mary Prime of Orwell, May 18, 1786.

Chester Webb of Orwell, and Phebe Day of Orwell, May 19, 1786.

John Rogers of Orwell, and Mary Barnes of Orwell, (lic.) September 13, 1787.

William Collis of Orwell, widower, and Elizabeth Baron of Orwell, November 14, 1787.

John Northrop of Orwell, and Mary Stimson of Orwell, December 16, 1787.

William Smith of Orwell, and Elizabeth Collis of Orwell, October 15, 1788.

William Barrance of Orwell, and Susan Barnes of Orwell, November 23, 1788.

William Boswell, traveling* man, and Rebecca Barnes, traveling* woman, December 21, 1788.

John Rowling, parish of Melbourn, and Hannah Sell of Orwell, March 29, 1789.

Samuel Ivatt, parish of Great Eversden, and Lydia Fordham of Orwell, April 23, 1789.

William Flitton, parish of Basingbourne, and Mary Scruby of Orwell, January 7, 1790.

William Pateman, parish of Wimple, and Rose Walls of Orwell, January 28, 1790.

Thomas Newling, parish of Melbourn, and Elizabeth Scruby of Orwell, (lic.) May 9, 1790.

Richard Hunt of Orwell, widower, and Sarah Langly of Orwell, January 27, 1791.

John Virte of Orwell, and Mary Norman of Orwell, January 30, 1792.

James Hornesby of Orwell, and Eliz Hays of Orwell, October 14, 1792.

William Pool of Orwell, and Elizabeth Ward of Orwell, November 13, 1792.


* So spelt in the original.


Page 14 (1793-1792)


John Smith of Orwell, and Elizabeth Kefford of Orwell, January 30, 1793.

John Ward of Orwell, and Sarah Merry of Orwell, March 5, 1793.

Joseph Darling of Orwell, and Charlotte Netherwood of Orwell, April 14, 1793.

James Fordham of Orwell, and Hannah Fordham of Orwell, May 12, 1793.

William Briggs of Orwell, and Martha Day of Orwell, October 16, 1793.

Anthony Hopkin of Orwell, and Elizabeth Heding of Orwell, October 21, 1793.

William Eversden of Orwell, and Elizabeth Patman of Orwell, October 22, 1793.

William Gideon of Orwell, and Mary Wilson of Orwell, October 31, 1793.

George Fordham of Orwell, and Jane Elizbeath Walls of Orwell, April 1, 1794.

Henry Smith of Orwell, and Elizabeth Adams of Orwell, April 3, 1794.

Joseph Ardery, parish of Madingly, and Mary Evans of Orwell, June 30, 1794.

John Hewitt, parish of Sheperith, and Elizabeth Matthews of Orwell, October 14, 1794.

James Ingray, parish of Wimpole, and Mary Harding of Orwell, November 3, 1794.

Thomas French of Orwell, and Letice Fordham of Orwell, (lic.) October 11, 1795.

James Pearce of Orwell, and Elizabeth Allen of Orwell, December 8, 1795.

James Stevenson of Orwell, and Sarah Wallman of Orwell, February 20, 1797.

Timothy Gentle of Orwell, and Ann Ward of Orwell, May 15, 1797.

Matthews Wallman of Orwell, and Sarah Leete of Orwell, May 22, 1797.

Thomas Kidman of Orwell, and Bathsheba Swan of Orwell, June 29, 1797.


Page 15 (1797-1803)


William King of Orwell, and Sarah Smith of Orwell, (lic.) September 20, 1797.

William Cox, parish of Toft, and Eleanor Waller of Molton [probably Malton], October 17, 1798.

John Blows of Orwell, and Elizabeth Glazebrook of Orwell, October 17, 1798.

John Barker of Orwell, and Ann Moul of Malton, October 17, 1798.

(In the Parchment Register, both Barker and Moul are said to be of Malton. Malton is an outlying part of Orwell, and once had a church and parish of its own)

William Ingry of Orwell, and Mini Hill of Orwell, March 3, 1799.

Robert French of Orwell, and Mary Swann of Orwell, March 28, 1799.

John Matthews, parish of Barrington, and Mary Beemont of Orwell, October 29, 1799.

Jesse Shaw of Orwell, and Sarah Smith of Orwell, December 28, 1800.

John Ward of Orwell, and Sarah Bennett of Orwell, (lic.) April 7, 1801.

Abraham Skinner, parish of Wimpole, and Sarah Sell of Orwell, October 14, 1801.

Stephen Pinck of Orwell, and Elizabeth Matthews of Orwell, October 13, 1802.

Joseph Purser, parish of Arrington, and Ann Anscom of Orwell, October 13, 1802.

Charles Loughton, parish of Little Eversden, and Pheebe Netherwood of Orwell, November 2, 1802.

John Phillips of Orwell, and Hannah Adams of Orwell, (lic.) December 5, 1802.

John Barron of Orwell, and Elizabeth Douse of Orwell, April 26, 1803.

Jonas Wallman of Orwell, and Elizabeth Ostler of Orwell, April 26, 1803.

James Jackson, parish of Hasselingfield, and Mary Philips of Orwell, May 2, 1803.

Thomas Prime of Orwell, and Mary Chapman of Orwell, October 12, 1803.


Page 16 (1803-1807)


George Night of Orwell, and Mary Morice of Orwell, December 8, 1803.

William Haggar of Orwell, and Mary Moly (Morly) of Orwell, December 30, 1803.

William Taveram, parish of Great Eversden, and Anne Merry of Orwell, February 7, 1804.

William Day, parish of Hoxton [Hauxton?], and Elizabeth Wallman of Orwell, November 12, 1804.

Edward Bowman, parish of Sandon, county of Hertfordshire, and Sarah Kimpton of Orwell, (lic) November 15, 1804.

James Gill of Orwell, and Mary Danger of Orwell, November 25, 1804.

(Here begins a new parchment register)

James Pigg, parish of Barkway, county of Hertfordshire, and Mary Kimpton of Orwell, (lic) July 1, 1805.

Stephen Curtice, parish of Little Eversden, and Mary Merry of Orwell, (lic) August 7, 1805.

Daniel Woolard, parish of Linton, and Ann Wallman of Orwell, November 19, 1805.

John Hase of Orwell, and Elizabeth Wilson of Orwell, March 2, 1806.

John Moul, alias Kennaby, of Orwell, and Ann Howard of Orwell, May 6, 1806.

William Harrowdine, parish of Cumberton, and Ann Kidman of Orwell, October 15, 1806.

Samuel Simson of Orwell, and Ann Matthews of Orwell, November 3, 1806.

Jacob Miller of Orwell, and Lydia Day of Orwell, November 24, 1806.

Elijah Matthews of Orwell, and Sarah Hall of Orwell, January 8, 1807.

John Smith of Orwell, and Ann Hornsby of Orwell, July 6, 1807.

William Rook of Orwell, and Mary Story, parish of Wimpole, October 19, 1807.

John Rumbel, parish of Wimpole, and Sarah Bales of Orwell, October 19, 1807.


Page 17 (1808-1813)


Joseph Reignor, parish of Haselingfield, and Mary Neeves of Orwell, (lic) December 25, 1808.

John Swann of Orwell, and Jemima Deller of Orwell, March 23, 1809.

George Collis of Orwell, and Dorothy Nelson of Orwell, October 25, 1809.

George Collis, junior, of Orwell, & Lettice Matthews of Orwell, December 29, 1809.

John Taylor, parish of Melbourne, and Mary Stanford of Orwell, May 1, 1810.

Giffin Matthews of Orwell, and Anne Collis of Orwell, June 11, 1810.

James Miller of Orwell, and Susannah Netherwood of Orwell, October 21, 1810.

Joseph Macer, parish of Comberton, and Anne Kidman of Orwell, November 21, 1810.

Thomas Brookes of Orwell, and Elizabeth Rogers of Orwell, December 25, 1810.

Benjamin Worler of Orwell, and Lydia Swann of Orwell, May 13, 1811.

Chandler Merry, parish of Arrington, and Ann Miller of Orwell, (lic) June 2, 1811.

John Ward of Orwell, and Mary Hornsby of Orwell, June 28, 1811.

James Stevenson of Orwell, and Sarah Fordham of Orwell, July 30, 1811.

John Pryme of Orwell, and Ann Phillips of Orwell, November 17, 1811.

Thomas How of Orwell, and Ann Smith, widow, of Orwell, June 1, 1812.

John Morley of Orwell, widower, and Sarah Miller of Orwell, November 17, 1812.

(A new book begins here)

William Moss, parish of Meldreth, and Sarah Kidman of Orwell, February 16, 1813.

Edward Matthews of Orwell, and Sarah Chapman of Orwell, March 29, 1813.


Page 18 (1813-1821)


William Carter of Orwell, and Lucy Rook of Orwell, April 29, 1813.

James Wood of Orwell, and Hannah Dilley of Orwell, July 11, 1814.

Joseph Wooton, parish of Cocking [Cockayne] Hatley [county of Bedfordshire], and Honer Barron, March 28, 1815. **See note below

Robert Jeeves, parish of Lidlington [?Litlington, county of Cambridgeshire], and Martha Giddens of Orwell, February 7, 1816.

William Piearce, parish of Croydon [county of Cambridgeshire], and Ann Sell of Orwell, March 9, 1817.

William Runham, parish of Little Eversden, and Mary Stevenson of Orwell, June 30, 1817.

Thomas Hornsby of Orwell, and Ann Kingsley of Orwell, January 22, 1818.

Lancaster Richardes of Orwell, and Jane French of Orwell, November 4, 1818.

Elijah Collis of Orwell, and Elizabeth Barrons of Orwell, November 10, 1818.

Joseph Hall of Orwell, and Ann Miller of Orwell, March 24, 1819.

William Crole Carver, parish of Melbourn, and Elizabeth Ann Scruby of Orwell, (lic) April 10, 1819.

Giffin Matthews of Orwell, and Mary Ann Collis of Orwell, May 27, 1819.

John Day of Orwell, and Elizabeth Stevenson of Orwell, October 4, 1819.

John Dilly of Orwell, and Martha Jeeves of Orwell, widow, October 10, 1819.

Joseph Dann of Orwell, and Ann Kneeves, parish of Barrington, October 19, 1819.

John Giddens of Orwell, and Mary Fordham of Orwell, December 5, 1819.

William Bullen, parish of Wimpole, and Ann Giddens of Orwell, October 5, 1820.

William Pateman, parish of Basingbourn, and Sarah Gentle of Orwell, October 31, 1820.

James Sell of Orwell, and Mary Webb of Orwell, February 4, 1821.

** Croydon Parish Speculum Gregis by Rev Francis Fulford Rector 1841-1845: "Page 21 Joseph and Honor Wootton. He can't read, works for Mr Ellis. She can. They are very respectable people and attend church very regularly. She keeps a shop, he is rather talkative and inclined to dissent. Son George, aged 18, reads very little (Later: "married"), Thomas, aged 15, can read, daughter Naomi, aged 12, can read and is in the Sunday school. They were married at Orwell. They have buried two children since last February - Eliza, March 15 and Ebenezer June 21 1842."


Page 19 (1821-1825)


Thomas Eagle, parish of St Ives, county of Huntingdon, and Charlotte Maria Jeeves of Orwell, (lic.) on June 1, 1821.

James Bullin, parish of Wimpole, and Sarah Giddens of Orwell, on December 9, 1821.

Edward Webb of Orwell and Elizabeth Brooks of Orwell, on July 21, 1822.

Jacob Miller of Orwell and Mary Prime of Orwell, on October 13, 1822.

William Merry of Orwell and Ann Collis of Orwell, on January 6, 1823.

Joseph Passill of Orwell and Hannah Loton of Orwell, on March 10, 1823.

Mathews Collis of Orwell and Ann Wallman of Orwell, on May 23, 1823.

Thomas Smith of Orwell and Lydia Matthews of Orwell, on October 14, 1823.

Isaac Palmer of Orwell and Lydia Barrons of Orwell, on December 6, 1823.

John Huddleston of Orwell and Rhoda French of Orwell, on May 18, 1824.

William Condor of Orwell and Deborah Matthews of Orwell, on [month omitted - May or June?] 27, 1824.

William Blows of Orwell and Jemima Matthews of Orwell, on June 29, 1824.

Samuel Gentle of Orwell and Ann Blows of Orwell, on August 15, 1824.

James Carter, parish of Kingston, county of Cambridgeshire, and Sarah Barron of Orwell, (lic.) on November 26, 1824.

Samuel Prime of Orwell and Elizabeth Waller of Orwell, on December 24, 1824.

William Jonson of Orwell and Caroline Merry of Orwell, on December 25, 1824.

Samuel Gill of Orwell and Rebekah Hornsby of Orwell, on February 15, 1825.

(mode of marriage not stated)

Thomas Munns of Orwell and Sarah Fletcher, parish of Barrington, on August 7, 1825.

(mode of marriage not stated)


Page 20 (1825-1829)


John Custerson, parish of Great Eversden, and Anne Stevenson of Orwell, on September 13, 1825.

William Pateman, parish of Arrington, and Lydia Gideons of Orwell, on December 27, 1825.

William Pearce of Orwell and Mary Gentle of Orwell, on April 16, 1826.

Thomas Kidman of Orwell and Mary Kingsley of Orwell, on May 3, 1826.

William Cooper, parish of Wimpole, and Mary Giddens of Orwell, on August 23, 1826.

John Kidman of Orwell and Mary Ann Day of Orwell, on November 12, 1826.

Charles Robert Jupp, parish of St Mary, Islington, county of Middlesex, and Mary Scruby of Orwell, (lic.) on December 20, 1826.

William Collis, parish of Coton, widower, and Mary Barron of Orwell, (lic.) on March 3, 1827.

Thomas Scruby of Orwell and Jane Fordham of Orwell, (lic.) on June 14, 1827.

William Jackson of Orwell and Sarah Haze of Orwell, on September 20, 1827.

John Parcel of Orwell and Mary Blows of Orwell, on November 1, 1827.

Simon Pearce of Orwell and Edeth Matthews of Orwell, on November 30, 1827.

George Bullen, parish of Wimpole, county of Cambridgeshire, and Jemima Rogers of Orwell, on December 25, 1827.

William Stanford, parish of Melbourne, county of Cambridgeshire, and Elizabeth Eversden of Orwell, on May 1, 1828.

John Collin of Orwell and Ann Rogers of Orwell, on September 25, 1828.

William Wilmott, parish of Wimpole, and Mary Pearce of Orwell, on October 15, 1828.

Edward Simpson of Orwell and Lydia Rayment of Orwell, on October 28, 1828.

John Goulden, parish of Barton, and Sarah Barlow of Orwell, on January 29, 1829.

James Giddens of Orwell and Elizabeth Story of Orwell, on August 27, 1829.


Page 21 (1829-1832)


William Collin of Orwell and Elizabeth Matthews of Orwell, on October 14, 1829.

John Knight of Orwell and Sarah Munns of Orwell, on December 25, 1829.

John Racher, parish of Whaddon, and Rebekah Matthews of Orwell, on April 19, 1830.

Samual Story of Orwell and Mary Wallman of Orwell, on May 4, 1830.

Abraham Barnard of Orwell and Dennis Wood, parish of Whaddon, (lic.) on July 27, 1830.

James Osborn, parish of Arrington, and Lydia Wallman of Orwell, on July 27, 1830.

John Haze of Orwell and Keziah Miller of Orwell, on August 1, 1830.

James Gill of Orwell and Mary Hayes of Orwell, on November 19, 1830.

William Wayment of Orwell and Mary Prime of Orwell, on January 4, 1831.

William Merry of Orwell and Ann Pateman of Orwell, (special licence) on March 29, 1831.

Stephen Cornish, parish of Meldreth, and Mary Gentle of Orwell, on April 26, 1831.

William Colli Mean, parish of Arrington, and Martha Marshall of Orwell, on May 13, 1831.

William Parcel of Orwell and Martha Northrop of Orwell, (special licence) on October 9, 1831.

Joseph Prime, parish of Barrington, and Rhoda Miller of Orwell, on October 13, 1831.

John Gattward of Orwell and Sarah Stevenson of Orwell, on November 10, 1831.

George Summerlin, parish of Arrington, and Ann Merry of Orwell, on December 24, 1831.

George Knight of Orwell and Susan Miller of Orwell, on April 30, 1832.

Thomas Knott, parish of St Mary the less, Cambridge, and Jane Taylor of Orwell, on June 12, 1832.

Alfred Fordham, parish of Sandon (county of Hertfordshire?) and Charlotte Scruby of Orwell, (lic.) on December 6, 1832.


Page 22 (1832-1837)


William Swan of Orwell and Mary Marshall of Orwell, on December 27, 1832.

Jesse Miller of Orwell and Sarah Swan of Orwell, on September 5, 1833.

John Simpson of Orwell and Lydia Hayse of Orwell, on October 31, 1833.

Cornelius Gill of Orwell and Martha Wallman of Orwell, on November 27, 1833.

John Morley, parish of Barrington, and Abigal Collins of Orwell, on December 2, 1833.

John Gill of Orwell and Elizabeth Munns of Orwell, on August 26, 1834.

Frederick Everet of Orwell and Martha Hornsby of Orwell, on December 24, 1834.

James Gattward of Orwell and Susan Marshall of Orwell, on September 25, 1835.

David Stanford, parish of Melbourn, and Sarah Ward of Orwell, on November 28, 1835.

William Pateman of Orwell and Joyse Custerson of Orwell, (lic.) on August 4, 1836.

Joel Parcel of Orwell and Marianne Tuck Blows of Orwell, on September 29, 1836.

William Merry of Orwell and Emma Marshall of Orwell, (lic.) on April 29, 1837.

William Ward of Orwell and Emma Giddens of Orwell, on October 18, 1837.

The Marriage Register of the Parish of Orwell


Notices Derived from the Transcripts in the Ely Diocesan Registry.

(No marriages in Ely Transcript from 1650 to 1662, exclusive of these dates)

1669. ...'We know not whether we have had any, some we have who pretend they are married by lawlesse ministers at Lawless churches as they call them.'

(No Transcripts for 1672 & 1673)

1691. 'Mary Kendall'; Mary (the name) ommitted.

1694. 2nd entry, 'Stainsmore.'

1694. Last entry, 'Sparrow.'

1696. 'Anger'; so spelt in Ely Transcript.

1701. October 21, Nicholls & Whitby.

1707. Marriages omitted, but not Baptisms or Burials.

1709. No Transcript.

1710. No Marriage Transcript.

1711. To June 1, 1712, no Transcript.

1712. No marriages in Transcript.

1714. No Transcript.

(No Transcripts from 1716 to 1721 (inclusive))

1724-26.  No Marriage Transcripts.

1733. George Farrow's Marriage omitted.

1736. Samuel Bulduck's Marriage omitted.

1741. 'Lovet' instead of 'Robert.'

1746. Last entry; the date may be March 2.

1754. John Leet, Richd Wing, John Rooke, all omitted.

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