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Estate workers outside Cobbs Wood Sawmill on the Wimpole Estate (c1905)
Estate workers outside Cobbs Wood Sawmill on the Wimpole Estate (c1905)

Cobbs Wood Sawmill, c1905
Wimpole estate workers outside Cobbs Wood Sawmill.
Provisional names:
Back Row (left to right): Harry Reed, Charles Skinner, Harry Bullen, W Whetstone, Rule Wilkins, George Bullen, Andrew Gadd, John Wallis Neaves**, Albert Mayo, Charlie Money, Dick Blacktop.
Front Row (left to right): John Bullen with saw (Senior Estate Carpenter), Ben Pett, Harry Wilkins, Rush Rule, Joe Theobalds, Bob Collings, W Skinner, M Thomas, W Carter, W Wilkins**, Bert Charter, Bert Skinner, Charles Pratt, M Smith, Andrew Bullen with box plane (Estate Carpenter).
The image shows estate workers in the Wimpole timber yard around 1905. The Estate woodlands were treated as a commercial venture, with the construction of a sizeable Woodyard and sawmill which employed dozens of tree-fellers, woodsmen and carpenters.
The gentleman in the centre holding the roll of paper is said to be the Estate agent (M Thomas).
[** John Wallis Neaves, known as Jack, started work at the Woodyard as a carpenter around 1901. He died in France during the First World War and his name can be found on the Wimpole and Arrington War Memorial. For the record, John's family think John is sitting in the front row as the fifth seated worker from the right.]

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