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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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Wimpole School c1900
The Boys

Wimpole Church of England School c1900
(The Boys)

A group of 23 schoolboys photographed at Wimpole School sometime around the turn of the century. I estimate 1900 or perhaps even a little earlier. It appears the boys have been told to come to school wearing their best clothes for the photographer. On the right is Mr Samuel Horsfield, who was School Master at Wimpole for over 40 years. The photograph was taken in 'the Chestnuts', the outdoor playing area of Wimpole School. Behind the boys - to the left - is the old 'Wooden School', in educational use until 1876. On the right is the corner of 'School House' [now 22 Cambridge Road] where Mr Horsfield lived.

None of the boys have been positively identified, but it is possible that some of the boys listed as 'scholar' in the 1901 Census (between the age of 4 and 14) might be included in this photograph. Depending on the image date the following boys are possible candidates:
Walter John Matthews 9, David Mathews 9, Walter Chas Mathews 7, George Titchmarsh 10, Thomas H Goats 8, Walter Vine 13, Henry John Reed 6, William John Whetstone 13, Andrew Whitby 11, Sidney Whitby 6, James Pratt 9, Walter Bullen 9, Richard Bullen 7, Edward Skinner 9, Frank Skinner 6, Horace Hopkins 7, Sidney Hopkins 4, Albert Joseph Robins 7, William Pearce 11, Alfred Pearce 9, Albert Pearce 7, Henry Wilkins 9, Percy Wilkins 6, William Wilkins 12, Sidney Wilkins 9, Edward Wilkins 7, and Arthur Wilkins 5. There may be others.

Please let me know if you can put a name to any of the pupils. A single confirmed identification could help fix the date of this photograph to within a year or two.

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